Why Survival Subscription Boxes Are So Popular

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Survival subscription boxes make outdoor life bearable whether you are there on a mission or just out for fun. If you are an outdoor enthusiast doing hunting, camping, trekking or hiking, you will find a survival crate containing food supplies and other essential survival accessories. A survival box can contain a variety of things and monthly subscription will ensure that you never miss your supplies at your doorstep.

Preparedness enthusiasts are another group of people that will find survival boxes very useful. Whether you are preparing for any natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane, a survival box with basic supplies not in your reach can save you. This will similarly apply if you are preparing for man-made disasters like war, terrorism, economic collapse, nuclear event or biological outbreak.

Quality survival boxes are of great value because they will deliver basic survival gear and supplies at the right time of the month. You can subscribe for a variety of supplies which include food, water, survival seeds, survival gear, and other accessories that will make your outdoor projects possible.

Types of Items in Survival Boxes

• Survival food – Foods delivered in a subscription box have a 25-year shelf life and very delicious just like your normal meals. A monthly subscription ensures monthly delivery with different food varieties. Every food box includes 24 hours or a day supply of 25-year storable (dehydrated or freeze-dried) food. The food contained in every box has a minimum of 2000 calories.
• Water – Water is important for survival, your order will have emergency water and water purification or both.
• Survival gear – Your monthly subscription for survival gear includes about 3 to 10 hand selected items. These may be EDC (every day carry) gear, emergency supplies, survival tools and outdoor equipment. Sometimes you may be privileged to get 1 or 2 gear items of a higher value that can be very useful for survival.
• Survival seeds – If you order survival items, you may also be treated to free storable non-GMO survival seeds to plant in your survival garden and produce renewable food.
• Survival knowledge card – Also accompanying your survival subscription box is a knowledge card that will give you useful survival tips and instructions on how to go about different tasks.

Benefits of Getting Monthly Survival Gear

You have the freedom to pick a subscription box that has one type of items like gear only box and have them picked by the subscription box company.

The survival products send by your subscription service are not samples but original products from very innovative and reputed companies that you can trust. The items in your survival subscription boxes are picked from top brands so you can look forward to top quality brands.

Getting your subscription box will eventually increase your handy survival supplies that could be essential in your next outdoor adventure or after unforeseen disaster.

Monthly subscription boxes filled with new survival tools are fun, exciting and convenient because you will receive products at home. You can also get significant discounts on some products. Every monthly subscription is also an opportunity to discover new products for your outdoor excursions. Instead of buying one item at a time, a monthly subscription will guarantee you more than one survival items at your doorstep every month, for around the same price.

If you are looking for a man box that will best suit someone you know, then you can consider survival subscription boxes. Most men who love outdoor adventure or are innovative in preparing for disasters would really love these boxes. This is because the survival boxes come with a supply of useful accessories and other items that would be very essential in a difficult situation.