Knife Subscription Boxes For Guys

Array of folding Knives

Knives are always useful in homes, survival, outdoor adventures, games, building and construction and any other use that you would think requires cutting, ripping or tearing. Guys who love getting their hands dirty by doing projects on their own would love to own a set of different knives. If you are a knife fanatic and you are regularly on routine chores needing these tools, then a subscription box for guys delivered to your door can come packed with unique and quality knives for different uses. If you are a knife collector, you will delight in a monthly box with a new knife on each delivery. You can try a monthly subscription and look forward to getting a box of unique knives and other items to experience the massive value they are delivering..

Below are Several Knife Subscription Box Services Available

Knife Subscription Club

All knives delivered by the Knife Subscription Club come with a spring-assisted opening. You will receive knives from brand names like Shrade, CRKT, Kershaw, Cold, Smith and Wesson among many others. All knives supplied are made from quality stainless steel. You can always expect a new knife each month with the subscription. Other products also included in the monthly subscription include EDC gear. All the knives and other products you have ordered for will be delivered right at your doorstep every month on auto-pilot. The service uses USPS trackable shipping to ensure that you receive your subscription box.

Mystery Tactical Knife Box

If you love surprises, then Mystery Tactical Knife Box is what you need. This box comes packed with 4 items in total which include different knives and tactical gear. Items in your box may include karambits, tomahawks, throwing knives, spring assisted knives, balisong trainers among other items. Each box delivered will be different from the next one purchased.

Bladesman Club

Signing up to Bladesman Club guarantees you premium knives every month. The knives are best suited for different uses such as hunting, fishing, hiking and much more outdoor uses. Subscribing to this service allows you to tag someone who loves knives as much as you do. Giving a gift to someone who shares interest in knives with you will therefore not be hard.

USA Knife Club

USA Knife Club subscription plan delivers quality knife brands from top companies in the country. After subscribing for this service, you will be able to get a new knife at your door delivered by autopilot every month. Other items that will accompany your knife box include tactical gear or EDC. You can as well consider giving this subscription box to a friend as a gift.

Knife Pack

Once you subscribe as a member with Knife Pack also known as Monthly Knife Club or knife of the month club, you can look forward to receive a subscription box at your residence door every month. Each month you will get a new quality folding knife. Other knives delivered include karambits, fixed blade knives, butterfly knife, butterfly training knife and throwing knives. The knives include a spring assisting opening. The Knife Club delivers knives made from premium surgical steel.

The KinderBox

KinderBox is another knife subscription service that delivers monthly. Their products are sourced from around the world and this is showcased on the boxes. Apart from knives, you can find 5 other items in your knife crate carefully handpicked by the KinderBox staff. These may include clothes, grooming products and other items. Such a selection makes this subscription box a perfect personalized gift.


TacPack is for the guy who like knives but also likes tactical gear. Almost every TacPack is going to have a blade of some form, but unlike the other knife boxes on the market they will deliver other practical EDC, survival, tactical, and gun equipment that goes perfectly with a new monthly knife.  Although more than a knife box, many enthusiasts are choosing TacPack for the variety and exposure to new products they can not find with other boxes.

Looking up for reputable subscription knife boxes will guarantee you quality and various types of knives that you can stock up for different uses that will best suit your lifestyle. Good subscription plans will also give you discounts on their items and often include other money saving offers.