Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Men

Ax for Outdoorsman

If you are an adventurer, then outdoor subscription boxes for men might be just what you need to tackle the harsh outdoor environment. There are various subscription boxes that come with all sorts of outdoor gear including food. These boxes can also make great gifts for men in your life who enjoy the outdoors. The greatest advantage of subscription boxes is their affordable price tag. You can get a box with an assortment of outdoor gear at a very cheap price than buying each item on its own. There are also great discounts to be enjoyed with a tactical box. Some of the things that you can expect in outdoor subscription boxes include dried food stuffs, snacks, sleeping bags, knives, ropes, stoves, flashlights and can openers among many other accessories.

You simply sign up for a monthly subscription to get a box of your outdoor gear shipped to your doorstep. You can order for specific items or order for a box meant for a certain activity. For instance, if hunting is your favorite outdoor activity, then you can order a hunting box. Hunting gear and related items can then be sent to you every month.

Below are some outdoor subscription boxes for men and their contents:


TacPack is the original subscription box for tactical types of products.  Although some products are more geared for the guy interested in EDC gear, outdoor guys love their products. Even better they are often able to use their products in daily life rather that having supplies sitting until they go back to the woods.


Cairn is a popular subscription that would make a perfect pack for any outdoor enthusiast. This is also a monthly subscription box that comes with a variety of essential items to inspire outdoor life.

This box comes with at least 4 to 5 products. Each box will come with one affordable major item accompanied by other smaller items.

The product categories in Cairn subscription boxes are chosen from renowned brands. A Cairn box can include an assortment of food and energy items, gear, apparel, emergency supplies as well as skincare products.

Isle Box

Isle Box caters for people who are used to the outdoors and newbies who have little or no experience in the adventurous life. The boxes are designed to suit people of all skill levels and are always very trendy.

Isle outdoor subscription boxes allow you four options to choose from. These are the Starter Box, the seasonal pass, the monthly pass and the National Parks Box.

If you love the experience of being in the trend, then the Seasonal and Monthly Passes can give you an opportunity to order for the latest outdoor gear. Isle’s Starter Box contains a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, medical kit, water filter and stove among other items.

If you want a one-time purchase, you can consider the Starter Box and National Parks Box. These two subscriptions allow you to view the available items before you make a purchase.

The Seasonal Pass includes items like clothing, sleeping pads, water filters and water reservoirs and other gear stuff.


Bivysak is a popular outdoor gear subscription box that is usually delivered seasonally. Each Bivysak box comes with one premier item and a series of other items. Bivysak delivers items from big companies in the outdoor industry which include GSI Outdoors, Patagonia, Salomon, and FoxRiver.

Subscription boxes for outdoorsmen are never disappointing; you will get awesome products that will always be useful in different outdoor settings.  The better boxes also provide products that are useful in everyday situations as well.